I  E  R  A


(a)  To promote civic pride in the area of benefit


(b)  To promote the provision of public and community facilities;


(c)  To promote policies and undertake or support projects that will enhance the quality of life for residents within the area of benefit;


(d)  To secure the preservation, protection, development and       improvement of features of public interest;


(e)  To promote environmental and social sustainability.

Join us by contacting  Dai James, Membership Secretary, at 50 Prospect Drive, Llandaff, Cardiff CF5 2HN


Membership costs £1 per person (up to £2 per household) per year.

Hendre Close;

Vaughan Avenue;

Insole Grove West;

Bishops Avenue;

Prospect Drive;

Hendre Gardens;

Heol Harlech;

Insole Close;

Bishops Close;

Western Avenue ( Nos. 350- 428 Even Nos.)

Insole Gardens;

Insole Grove East;

Bishops Walk;

Bishops Place;